Why be the Belle of the Ball…?

2 Feb

Ok so let’s start with the name…

My mum has always been a massive inspiration to me.
Not only is she my Mum but my best friend too.
She has taught me all I know!

I used to sit on the bed as a little girl and watch her do her make up, nails, hair – she always looks beautiful to me.

Everyone always says – Mum knows best.
That saying really used to get on my nerves as a teenager because it was right!
She would have many different sayings and they are all very true –

‘What goes around comes around’
‘Love is blind’
‘Slowly, slowly catchy monkey!’

If I couldn’t find anything to wear or my makeup wouldn’t go right, she would say –
‘Don’t worry – you’ll be the belle of the ball’

When we started on the 40’s swing dance scene I suddenly realised we could have a new motto –
Why be the belle of the ball when you can be the ring of the swing!

Me and my Mum - Photo by Pat Jacobs

It may seem a little silly to some but to me it’s sentimental!

So it seemed only right that as I will be posting hints and tips on getting the vintage look – my blog should be named Ring of the Swing!

Thanks for everything Mum!



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