Sisters, sisters – there were never such devoted sisters!

13 Feb

Me and my Sister!

So you know how I got the name for this blog – this is how the blog came into being…

Kay is an artist, a graphic designer and a computer wiz kid – not to mention a mum!

She has always helped me with my website and now she has taught me how to use this blog…and twitter, oh and face book – I am entirely useless when it comes to this sort of thing!
She has set the whole thing up!

She is snowed under with work at the moment but she still finds the time help me – bless her.

She is a yummy mummy of two gorgeous children Lexi and Albert – my darling niece and nephew. As well as this, she has her own company – 2KMedia!

She is such a busy bee but still has time for her family and friends!

Thank you for all your hard work Kay!

Oh – did I mention that she is a 6ft leggy blonde who also loves the vintage life?! She is obsessed with Elvis and just oozes the 50’s!

Love ya Kay!


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