The Benefits of Benefit…

22 Feb

So often when I attend 1940’s events I am asked what make-up I use.

As an actress I have completed a number of makeup master classes whilst completing my training and have picked up many tricks of the trade during filming too.

I find make up enjoyable, easy to apply and love to try different effects – depending on where I am going!

This photo was taken without my knowlege at a show last summer and then found later on the net by a friend - you never know when you will need to look your best! Anonymous photographer - THANK YOU!

In my career you have to look good at all times.
You never know who you may meet and when you do meet someone, first impressions count.

After years of using the usual cheap teen brands I decided to go all out on the expensive designer brands to see if that made a difference – it did but was still not perfect. All very well for every day make up when you have the money but when it comes to the 1940’s you need a flawless, matte finish glamorous look both on and off the dance floor.

When I started 40’s jive and swing classes I would end up looking like a panda after class and at social dances well… need I say more.

I spent a fortune trying different foundations and mascaras and with sensitive skin – it was not an easy task. Some many of the brands out there affected my skin – I looked more like a pizza than a Hollywood starlet!

That was until I tried Benefit Cosmetics…

I am now obsessed with this brand!

It is not cheap however it is not the most expensive brand either.

The way I look at this though it that make up is an investment.

If you buy their ‘BADGal Mascara’ for £16.50 and wear it every day for about a month it is about 50p a day – 50p to have amazing lashes!

(Did I mention the quirky modern vintage style packaging?! Love it!)

Have you ever seen a picture of any of the amazing 40’s icons such as Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake or Vivien Leigh looking a mess?

Stars of the big screen in the 40’s were always immaculate. No doubt they had off days too but they had what was considered natural beauty. They wore make up of course – the difference is they didn’t over do it.

Ever thought that ever women now days has hidden natural beauty?

It is often hidden behind the wrong make up for their skin type and mascara that doesn’t stay put!

The Solution…

My make up kit is full of Benefit cosmetics – I will reveal all of its contents, the reason I use them, along with exactly how to get look of the 3 F’s in my first beauty tips post – due first week of March 2011!

The 3 F’s I hear you say…?

Flawless, Fabulous and above all – Forties!


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