Secret to the 3F’s? It’s in the bag…

10 Mar

So as promised here are the detailed content of my makeup bag  and now you can have the 3F’s too!!!

So firstly I use Benefit’s ‘Pore Fessional’
This fills in all your creases and pores giving your skin a silky smooth base for which to add your foundation.
I use this product every day without fail. It’s light enough for your skin to breath and feels amazing.

My skin is very sensitive so what I use next depends as it can’t make up its mind whether to be oily, dry, clear      or  not !
I  use ‘You Rebel’ tinted moituriser. This is a great product as it contains the all important SPF15 – we all need protection in rain or shine!

Next comes ‘Stay Dont Stray’
This fab little bottle has to be one of my all time favorites!

Dab and blend just a small amount around your eyes in order for all of your makeup to stay put – no more panda eyes!!!
Thing is – I have a little confession…

I love this product so much and I love the real pale colour so I sometimes blend it with ‘Pore Fessional’ and put it on my face too! The two products together give an amazing 40’s matt look – gorgeous!

Now Eyeliner – For the perfect flawless line I use Rimmel Glam Eyes – Black.
It has the most perfect tiny pain brush which is flexible and fits easily in the neck of the bottle so you don’t mess up the end! It stays put forever – as I’ve said before you need this when jitterbuggin!

I have not yet been able to try Benefit’s liquid liner – when I do I’ll let you know what I think!

Bad Gal Mascara is fab! It has a great traditional brush and providing you know how to work mascara in general your lashes look extended, dark and above all – natural! Yes I have found a mascara that ensures your lashes look  as 1940’s screen goddess as possible!
Vivien Leigh – eat your heart out!

For that little bit of a blush to your cheek – 40’s Style, Benefit’s ‘Dandelion’ is my favorite.
Such a  pretty pink natural glow – very cute!

Use a decent lip balm just before bed – I like blistex.

This ensures that you have lovely smooth  lips for the main event!

Now Pucker up…with Rimmel Red Fire Lip Liner! Yep Lip liner is the perfect way to get the perfect matt look of the forties. Many people buy expensive lipstick and gloss to wear at forties events however these just seem to end up on your teeth and really don’t give you the screen siren look. I wear liner only!

I will post a lip liner tutorial soon – promise!



To finish off and give you the look of perfection my secret weapon…


Use the sponge to cover blemishes (after using foundation etc) and use the brush to dust a perfect covering over your make up as a final touch.

They don’t call it ‘Hello Flawless’ for nothing you know!?


So…This is what I have in my every day makeup bag to give me the 3F’s.

If I were to be doing a pin-up shoot or performing on stage there would be a few more additions – that is for another post!

So there you have it, now you can have the 3F’s too!
Be Fabulous, Be Flawless and above all – Be Forties!!!!

Annie x


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