Water for Elephants – Book review.

19 Mar

Some of you may recall that I finished this book within 2 afternoons!

I couldn’t put this book down.
It is cleverly written by author Sara Gruen. She has the wonderful ability to keep you desperately turning the page. It is fast paced at the same time as being descriptive, detailed at the same time as running quickly through time.

I really felt like I was there – in the thick of it all.

I really don’t want to give ANYTHING away as to do so would be sacrilege, but all I can say is this book made me laugh and cry for both animals and humans. It has irony, danger, romance, friendship, betrayal, persistency, lust, violence, prejudice, class division and – love.
Love for the circus, for days gone by, love of a person and of an animal and above all love for life.

I even learnt a bit about the history of the circus and about 1930’s America things that I had never even though of.

This will make the most wonderful film. I can’t wait to see the costumes and cinematography and with its release the week before my birthday – you know what I’ll be doing to celebrate! I cannot wait to see this film.

I will defiantly read this book again. When I had finished I was sad in a way.
I missed it and wanted to carry on reading. I felt the characters had become my friends. There is still apart of me writing this now that wants to read more – tell me in detail what happened next?! Those who have read this book and those who will, will know what I mean by this.

So now the wait is on for May 4th when the film will be released in cinemas across the UK.

Water For Elephants…



A must read!


To find out more about the film – click the banner below.


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