Round up –

4 Apr

Ok so things were a bit quiet last week regarding my blogs  – I have been supa busy!

The shoot last Saturday was brilliant!I spent all morning ensuring my hair was just so and didn’t get down to the Vintage and Handmade fair after all :(
Did any of you?

I will be able to give you a full run down of the shoot tomorrow as the blouses were launched today!



Last Friday I went to the legion and had a ball with the crowed.
Then on Saturday I didn’t get out of London till late so instead of trying pointlessly to reach the Stratford Stomp,  I stopped in for a quick jig about at the Spitfirebounce which was conveniently on the way home – just happened upon two most beautiful dresses – mum and I went halves…There is a war on you know!



I bought these rather fetching pair of high summer wedges. The fabric is modern but vintage looking – I am in love with them!



Over the weekend I had a few summer shots taken for my Gallery with my gorgeous (if not in need of some TLC) 1930’s/1940’s bike! She is beautiful and I cannot wait to ride her!!!

A few of these pics will be on my gallery page soon!

I spent some glorious time with Mama on Sunday along with my Sister, Niece and Nephew!



All of that after we had a ball on Friday night –

We saw  Si Cranstoun!

Yep – went down to the Paradise Rock and Roll Club for a bit of a dance and meet the man himself! He was simply divine!

I’ll be sure to post pics and videos later…


Annie x

**************** New Soap and Glory review coming soon! *************


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