Catch up and new projects page…

16 May

Things have been amazing these past few weeks and I have so much to catch up on most of all with my blog!

My apologies for the delay in posts!

Please have a look at my new project page from time to time as I will try to post details of all photo shoots etc.

First up….

Dresses in vintage style from head to toe Rebecca McWattie, Irma Romero and Lena Weber walked towards me and I knew I was in the right place!

We had arrived for a day’s photo shoot with renowned photographer Gordon Ayres. Read more here

I have some really exciting work coming up that I am bursting to tell you all about but alas I will have to be patient.

So I will try to catch up with all my posts this week – they should feature…

The Keytones

Soap and Glory product review

My evening with the 95th Bomb Group

and my latest photo shoot with the girls from Lipstick and Curls.

Check my events page to see where I’ll be and when I will be performing next – hope to see some of you over the summer!

Remember – you can follow me on twitter @annie4ndrews and on facebook!


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