Treat yourself…

26 May

A little while ago I was sent a new Soap and Glory product to try.

It arrived in a wonderful silver jiffy bag wrapped in S& G tissue paper – a new shower gel.

Let me introduce you to Peaches & Clean.

A massive S&G fan I use Flake Away on a regular basis.
I find it really hydrates my skin and certainly doe s ‘ clear away the cob webs’ – dead skin and imperfections to you and I!

Thing is I wanted something that gave me a similar feeling without the full rigmoral of exfoliating.

My prayers were answer with this new shower gel.

It has bursting exfoliating beads that smell so divine I could eat them! When you rub in into damp skin it really foams up creating lovely lava that is unlike your usual show gel.

It makes your skin really silky – mmmm lovely. Go on girls treat yourself!!!

Some of you may know it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. My sweetie of a sister bought me a ‘Tangle Teaser’

Oh my goodness! How did I cope before it? I have very long hair and it is always getting tangled especially when I have had the roof down on my car – even though I put it in a pony tail! This brush doesn’t look much but it is a life saver!

Perfectly untangled hair in seconds! RATHER!!!! Again Ladies – you have to have one! It is worth the investment of £11.99 believe me!


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