A spiffing time at War and Peace 2011

28 Jul

I had a wonderful time at the War and Peace Show this year.
Here is me with Ruthie who is still looking lovely with her holiday tan!

I was able to put faces to a lot of names I have known for a while and I met some lovely people.
Thank you to so many of you who said ‘Hi’.

Had a lovely photo taken with Wayne from Hornet Squadron and Howard from OPS 39-45.
(Thanks for sending the pic below Howard!)

I met the lovely Evalina de lis who is such a darling! (Here she is below pictured with Stuart H.)
Didn’t spend a great deal of time with you my dear but hope to catch up again soon!

A special thank you goes to Stuart of World War Two Re-Enactors Magazine  (pictured above)  who arranged a photo shoot with photographer Nick Halling and the lads of  ‘Mediterraneo’ and ‘There and Back Again 8th Army’. They all put up with me very well and even made me a pimms! Rob, Steve, Simon, Andy B, Andy 3  – cheers lads!

A huge thank you of course thank you Nick for a fantastic Shoot – I’ve seen a few of the shots and they are just beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest and show them off to you all!

Here is a quick teaser…

All in all it was a spiffing time all round!!!

Cant wait for the next few weeks! I’m especially looking forward to the Military and Flying Machines show – See you there!


One Response to “A spiffing time at War and Peace 2011”

  1. Blanka August 9, 2011 at 9:17 am #

    Wonderful pictures! You look really pretty… I wish I could make hairstyle like you could!

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