Pubs, Platforms and Pot Noodles!

8 Nov

Sorry for the delay in this post – been writing articles, working with the designer on my Calendar which is now on sale and all sorts of exciting things!

Pickering was the last big re enactment weekend of the season and it was simply spiffing! It seems like years ago now and it was only a few weeks ago!

Based on the North Yorkshire Moor Railway, every October the entire small market town of Pickering is transformed back to 1943 for a whole weekend. With shops, restaurants, pubs and residence entering into the wartime spirit, it is very much like stepping back in time.

The whole town hangs bunting in red white and blue and windows are taped in nostalgic anti blast crosses. Everywhere you look are beautiful suits, freshly pressed uniforms, wonderful hats, in fact any form of original vintage regalia you can think of. Young mothers even dress their children in war time attire while their babies ride in beautiful, authentic prams.

Thursday we arrived at Keld Head Farm Cottages which are located just a 10 minute walk from the town centre.

We were made to feel very welcome by Julian and Penny. The cottages themselves are beautiful and once we had unpacked the car and put the kettle

on we realised that there was Lemon Drissel cake waiting for us! What a lovely welcome after a long drive!

Although many of our friends had already arrived and were in the pub – we decided that beauty sleep was the best way forward.  After pin curling our hair and ensuring there were no creases in our suits for the morning it was off to bed!

Friday was all about suits and shopping!


This is Ruthie and I in our Friday shopping outfits. My outfit was entirely original.
With the general public descending on the town of Pickering over the weekend it was the best day to locate the bargains and shop till you drop – literally.










Friday night – we went along to a 40’s dance held at the local school and then had a few drinks in the pub with friends.

While I was there, I met a number of people who know me through social networking but that I have never met – it was quite bazaar but lovely all the same.

Great to finally see people in the flesh!

Saturday saw the parade through the street and thousands of people congregated at on of the UK’s biggest 40’s events.

We had gorgeous weather as you can see – if not a little chilly!

This was a day of posing and positioning as to be at the right place at the right time is crucial for those on the Re enactment scene wanting to be noticed!

This place is a haven for photographers – they are everywhere wanting to capture a snapshot of the past.

Beware of the charms of the dashing young service men ladies…oh and not to mention the spivs!

There were so many re enactors some of which had brought their children who are also dressed head to toe in vintage clothing. The young lad above was busking for ‘Platoon Funds’ – he was FANTASTIC!!!!!

I did have a favorite from the entire weekend though…

This little lamb was the most adorable thing at Pickering this year!
Archie (I believe)
We saw him and his mum on the platform waiting for the air raid to be over.  They were definitely the best re enactors there – they really did look the part.

Saturday night was great.  Dancing with friends  – again!

We met with a crowd of the younger re enactors and went on a bit of a 40’s pub

crawl starting off at the top of the high street and working our way down – though im not sure all of the dancing was entirely 40’s!
No 40’s night in Pickering is complete without the traditional cuppa and pot noodle!!!
Yes, this is one of the only times that eating pot noodle at 4am is ok!

Sunday was relaxed and quieter than Saturday.

It was nice to take  a stroll.

I had a photo shoot in the afternoon with some fab photographers. Thank you to Trevor for the following…

Then a visit to the annual tea dance at the WRVS hall. This would not have been complete without Steve the spiv! He enticed the local land army into some black market stockings and even I had my eye on some french knickers!

It was time to wave the train good-bye as the last day of this epic weekend drew to a close…

Or that’s what we thought!!!

We went for a lovely meal to round things off before venturing once more to the pub along with LOTS of others – Fantastic night – rounded off with yes, you guested it a pot noodle and a nice brew!

The next day the town went back to normal and it was like the trip back to 1943 never happened.

All bunting and decoration was put back into storage till next year and we started the long journey home, back to 2011.

Now we begin to shop again – can’t wait for Pickering 2012!

Annie xxx

FYI – Find out more about The Pickering War Weekend here.


2 Responses to “Pubs, Platforms and Pot Noodles!”

  1. Miss Meadows November 14, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    I LOVE that grey suit – with the fox stole over its shoulder! I’ve been looking for a good vintage suit. But they’re hard to find, and usually too big for me. Thinking about getting a vintage pattern and sew one instead… :)

    • ringoftheswing November 24, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

      I have trouble finding them too – the thing to do is keep looking! Ive already started looking for my suits for Pickering 2012! Look in advance to give yourself plenty of time to source the perfect vintage outfit!
      Good luck! :) x

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