Style Me Vintage – Shoot for the next book!

22 Nov

Back in July this year I had a rather lovely modeling job come up.

I had met and spoken with Naomi Thompson a number of times previously and knowing what a wonderfully knowledgeable person she was I knew that this project would be a good one.

Naomi – AKA The High Priestess of Vintage – was in the process of writing a new book on Vintage Style and I would be modeling for it along with a number of other girls.

The book will look at vintage fashion from the 1920’s through to the 1980’s.

‘Whether you are looking to completely overhaul your look, go for complete vintage glam, or just introduce a few key vintage pieces into your day-to-day wardrobe, this book shows you how.’


Originally I had agreed to model for the 70’s section of the book – a period I had never modeled for before – I was rather excite.
Then when Naomi asked me if I would mind doing a vintage underwear shoot too – I was ecstatic!

Making my way down to a rather lovely studio in Shoreditch I couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for my very first professional underwear shoot.

As I climbed the rather wonderful spiral stair case to my surprise I saw Natasha from Lipstick and Curls ready and waiting to start work on the hair and make up for the day.

It was decided that we get to work on the underwear first.

Tasha used her magic to transform me into a 40’s screen siren. My hair was simply but elegantly beautiful. Perfect to show of the garments I would be modeling.

The first of the outfits was a gorgeous peach Glamour Corset. The second was  a black four piece ensemble which included a gorgeous waist clincher! I am very lucky to have a 24” waist but with this on – it was tiny! Girls you have to get one! From where I hear you ask? We all of the underwear came from What Katie Did – specialists in vintage underwear!


The photographer, Christina Wilson was great and I really enjoyed working with all the girls on the shoot.

When it came to the 70’s wear I tried on various outfits. The one I ended up modeling was the most amazing 70’s black jumpsuit with bright pink flowers over it. STUNNING!

The shoes – well there is a story for another time…they were a well love pair of black 1970’s platforms – WOW.

My hair was huge and my make up fab.
I felt really comfortable playing around with poses in a huge floppy hat – very Jerry Hall!

I saw some of the photos as we were going along and they are absolutely gorgeous!!!
I cannot wait to see some of them in print and hopefully show some of them off to you.

The photos on this post are a few sneaky ones that were taken by one of the makeup girls (who was supporting Natasha) while I was working. I had to get special permission to share these…

You can keep up to date with Naomi on her website, Vintage Secret here.
It is well worth following her and her antics with the Vintage Mafia!

The book, part of the ‘Style me Vintage’ range will be out in february 2012.
You can pre-order your copy now on amazon – click here.

Why not pre- order a copy as a christmas prezzie??? If not for your nearest and dearest friend then for yourself! ;)

I have :) x


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