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22 Jan


My first fab piece of info I can share with you all in 2012…
Some of you may remember my post from back in November regarding the photo shoot I did for the Style Me Vintage Clothes book.





Written by the beautiful and talented, Naomi Thompson (Vintage Secret), this book is gorgeous in every way – it even feels nice!





From start to finish it will keep you turning the pages uncovering valuable

hints, tips and information on every aspect of your vintage wardrobe.

From ageing your vintage finds to developing your own style, getting the look of your era of choice, down to a glossary of recommended reading and where to shop.

I love the way that this book is written. Friendly and very  informative, it confirms exactly why Naomi is known as The High Priestess of Vintage!

I would have love to have owned this book when I first started collecting and wearing vintage items. May people can feel daunted and many (myself for sure) can often look back on photos in years to come and ask – ‘did I actually think that I looked good?!

Well not with this book! I do believe that this will become many a girls wardrobe bible.

Yes its 70's gear! I ADORE that jump suit!

Though this book is ‘A guide to sourcing and creating retro looks’ I would recommend it to even the most  seasoned vintage lover, exclaiming myself on occasion ‘well I never knew that’.


Packed with photographs of vintage and retro clothing and accessories from 1920 – 1980, it details a brief history of the fashion and the main shapes, looks and influences of each era.




With suggestions for both daytime, evening, formal and informal wear your head will be full of ideas on how to re create your ideal look.



The detail on vintage underwear, swimwear and even the maintenance of  treasured pieces are references that I will come back to time and again.

I really cannot tell you how much more there is to this book!
I suggest you pre-order your copy today here and see for yourself!

I feel privileged to have worked with Naomi and to have modelled for such a lovely project.


If this book was a vintage dress it would have  intricate buttons, a full pleated sash and beautiful seed pearl detail!