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Snap Shots for Sweethearts

14 Dec

What a wonderfully spiffing day I had last Saturday!

Wearing an original 1940’s suit skirt and a cream blouse, hair dressed just so, I put on my coat and gloves, picked up my little 30’s suit case, stepped out into the cold, windy but beautiful morning and headed to London.

I was meeting a rather wonderful and not to mention glamorous photographer by the name of Mai Britt Møller for a rather special photo shoot.

After realising it was just two weeks until Christmas Eve, I decided against battling the traffic and then barrage of Christmas shoppers  all looking for a car parking space.

I always love watching people on public transport especially the look on their faces when they realise I am not dressed quite the same as your average ‘girl on a train’.

Reaching my final destination, Victoria Park, I stepped over to the park map to work out exactly which direction I needed to go in order to reach the Pavillion Cafe, for there, waiting for me were four rather dashing RAF chaps – one of whom would be my ‘fiancée’ for the day!

To my surprise a lady who had been jogging came running over to me and asked to take my picture
‘I am a fashion editor and can’t believe I have found someone in the park looking so elegant and classic!’

Well – a good morning so far! What what!?

As I walked the perimeter of the lake, the sun was in my eyes and I could barely see the impeccably dress vintage group sitting at a table with a cuppa.





Once we had said our usual hellos, how do  you do’s  it was time to get on with the business of the day –
an RAF Style engagement shoot.

It was a challenge looking for the perfect location in order to get the perfect engagement shots especially as the park was under a lot of renovation!



Mai has a wonderful way of working – very friendly, relaxed and open to all ideas and well as directing the shoot to obtain the correct shots.

While snapping away, Mai made a new friend. A lovely old dog had come over to see what was going on!

It was decided that the dog would be used in some of the Lads shots  as the perfect RAF mascot – especially as the dogs name was SKY!!!

After warming up with a rather nice cup of English cha, we had a quick look at the snaps.
Jolly good show was though by all!

There was just enough time to grab some pics by the lake.
Rather spiffing I hope you agree.


Several ladies enjoying a spot of lunch seemed to think so.
One of them asked Dicky and I what we were doing and why.
She then proceeded to tell her version of events to her friends…

‘These are vintage freaks who go all over the world wearing their granddad’s uniforms taking pictures!’
Never heard re enactment described like that before! Rather!

RAF style engagement RAF style engagement RAF style engagement DSC_0225

Soon it was time for us to part.

While walking with the lads and my ‘fiance’ to the station we came across a London Blue plaque ( I have an obsession with these and try to spot as many as possible! )
This one was particularly apt….


It had been a day of firsts for me…

The first engagement shoot I had done.

The first time I had met dearest Mai…

The first shoot I’d done with Dashing Dicky…










The first time id worked with the lads…



…and the very first time I’d had to stop off at Westfields on the way home (quite unintentionally!), two weeks before Christmas, while it was rammed to the rafters with shoppers! Everyone was dressed in their Uggs and designer denim and then there was me! I stood out like a sore thumb – and loved it!

I really hope it is not the last time I do any of these things – well other than the latter!

It was great fun working with Mai – a real pleasure. She is such a good sport – great company and a wonderful photographer as the shots prove!

A wonderful time was had by all and I shall certainly write home about it!

Pip pip!

Whether you are swell sweethearts, newly engaged or looking for someone to photograph the moment you say ‘I do’, Mai is available to capture the essence of your special day.You can view more of Mai’s work by visiting her site


Pretty Parcels for Pretty Things!

12 Oct

My Postie has been a very busy man recently.
With autumn upon us and Pickering a mere 24hrs away I think I have been keeping Royal Mail in business!

I love getting parcels in the post and it makes it even better when they are beautifully packaged.

Conscientious Ebay sellers are wonderful – always have the od quirky post card added signed with a note of thanks and perhaps your parcel will be wrapped in darling tissue paper, but I have to say what a pleasure it is receiving a parcel from vintage underwear experts, What Katie Did.

Obviously the garments inside are always scrummy but the packaging really makes me smile – its sooooo sweet!
I feel special and like im the only person they do this for – if only I was that special!

However you don’t just feel special wearing these kind of undies, well I don’t anyway. I feel amazing! I adore vintage style underwear. So beautiful, elegant and even powerful. It gives women confidence to know that she is just that –


Never mind how to look goo naked…Ladies this is how to look and feel good no matter what you are wearing!

Girls if you don’t have this type of underwear – get some! Trust me you will feel FAB even on a bad hair day.

Want to see more – log onto their website at
Alternatively go see them in Portobello Road London or in their new boutique in LA.

This leads me nicely onto the wonderful underwear shoot I did back in the summer, using WKD garments of course – more to come later…

Try it.
Wear your WKD’s to work and when things are not going your way be it with your boss or a customer – remember what you are wearing underneath the usual day-to-day get up and smile…coz you know you look good!



Seen it?

12 Oct

Thanks to WWII Re-enactors Magazine  for running a feature on me this month and to Nick Halling for taking the fab shots!

Read it on page 20…

Downton Chic = High Street Peak?

10 Oct

Watching Downtown last night, glass of wine in hand I noticed just how many of the blouses used were very much like those currently on the high street – its official – VINTAGE CHIC is in!

‘Fashion items which were popular in the early 1900s have been flying off the shelves at Debenhams since the second series of the ITV1 show began last month.’ a company spokesman for Debenhams said. ‘Week-on-week sales of elbow length leather gloves increased by 584 per cent, fur capes are up 220 per cent while sequin capelets – a short cape worn over the shoulder – saw sales rise by 55%.’

It’s now wonder… who wouldn’t want to look like one of the beauties above – Michelle Dockery – Lady Mary, Lara Carmichael – Lady Edith and Jessica Brown-Findlay as Lady Sybil.

I love this look!

I love the modern vintage look too but nothing beats the classic chic of the Hollywood glamour of the 1930’s and 40’s – original garments of course!

Here is a quick pic of me on my way to a casting last week…
Modern Vintage Geek Chic, and one from Pickering 1940’s War weekend Last year…

Pics of classic original 1940’s wear coming soon as it’s is just 3 day till Pickering 2011!