Many of you would have seen my latest pictures in the album known as Cheescake!

Well, they were taken on a promotional shoot for Lipstick and Curls and their collaboration for a new Pin Up Photo Studio with photographer Rocco Rolls. All information on The Pin Up Studio can be found here.

It was an awesome day. The girls did my hair and make up and we then got to work on the pictures.


The make up and hair was simply stunning I think you will agree!

The finished article is in this issue of Vintage Life Magazine!
I went to pick up my copy in WHSmiths (I do get a monthly subscription come in the post but I couldn’t wait!)
Yes, I was that pleased with myself I asked someone to take a picture of me in the shop!!!! Great project!!!


On March 26th 2011 I made my way to South London to a very unassuming house.

As I drove about trying to find a place to park I wondered to myself if I was in the right place or not… then I saw them.

Dresses in vintage style from head to toe Rebecca McWattie, Irma Romero and Lena Weber walked towards me and I knew I was in the right place!

We had arrived for a day’s photo shoot with renowned photographer Gordon Ayres.

As we stepped over the threshold, we entered a world of Vintage! Gordon’s house is filled with treasures from bygone eras some of which we would use as props!
Sipping tea in the living room was the remainder of our team for the day Claire Pursglove and Rebecka Mustajarvi.

After a glass of bubbly and some wonderful flapjack (all models should eat flapjack!) We got to work.

Irma has created the most beautiful blouses for her collaboration with The Vintage Guide to London.

Inspired by the 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s these blouses are limited editions and won’t be around for long!

After changing into my beautiful blouse I waited patiently for my turn in front of the camera. Gordon is extremely clever when creating his ‘set’. A few original vintage items changed the look and mood of the whole room!
For my shoot we used a 1940’s typewriter, telephone and bag and even a 40’s cup and saucer. Perfect!

All the shots from the day came out very well and I loved meeting and working with each of the girls.

As their chosen 1940’s model I was delighted to work with the girls and of course with Gordon.

These blouses have since been Launched and have featured in Time Out London and!

You can get your hands on them here.

Here is a little info on the Team….

Gordon Ayres has been photographing the British and Continental 1930s,40s,50s retro scene for over 20 years,following the people who have created a unique look and sound – from the bands and dancers, to the fans who populate this stylish, secretive underworld movement.

Using techniques culled from the classic Hollywood period, Ayres finds inspiration in both the studio glamour photographers of the time, and the grainy reportage style of the dime newspaper reporters.

Lena – is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Vintage Guide to London. She say ‘for me it’s all about sharing tips on the best vintage in town.’ …and she does so!

She is also Founder of the extremely popular website and blogs for

Lena Loves ANYTHING from the 60’s!!! – Designer and dress maker, Irma gets her inspiration from original vitnage patterns and magazines.
Her work is beautiful and I was honored to model her 1940’s working womans blouse!
Be sure to keep up to date with Irma’s work here

50’s model Claire – describes herself as a photographer, writer, model, lover of history, wearer of

vintage, and all round good egg!

I’d agree.  She is a great gal and adores the 50’s lifestyle.  If she is not out partying with the vintage elite – try Nina’s hair Parlour! Follow Claire and all her antics here

60’s model Rebecca  – Is one of  the coolest retro chics I know. She always seems to look so good – effortlessly!
Perhaps that is why her own company, Stop Traffic Clothing is growing so rapidly!

Rebecca has an eye for repro vintage and a vast amount of fashion knowledge.

30’s model Rebecka – Poet, writer and very thrifty, Rebecka is such an interesting person. With her love for the written word and passion for the 1930’s she is one of the only people I know who can fingerwave their hair immaculately!

Rebecka event tweeted last week that an old Russian woman had complimented her on her hair. She had said it reminded her of the Revolution!!! Now that is a compliment!


Was a pleasure working with all of you and I look forward to our next project!!!


2 Responses to “Projects”

  1. Rebecca McWattie May 19, 2011 at 10:21 am #

    great read, will post to Stop Traffic Clothing page now!

  2. Gordon Ayres May 23, 2011 at 8:47 pm #

    Dear Annie, Thanks for what you have written in your article. It is well written and helps to indicate my involvement nicely,as well as everyone elses.The problem with facebook is that often the publication of work done by people is seemingly unable to be credited…so it can appear to be anyone elses.
    Or no-one in particulars.
    Would you like to do some Vogue style shots one day ? I want to add to my collection. I have a nice collection of vintage hats …some that are very chic …including an original Dior.
    I seem to have the knack of knowing how to redesign the original poses and stylings and have done some lovely outdoor shots the last few years with one friend .
    It takes a bit of thinking out he sittings … but we went to Greenwich last Autumn and the backdrops were breathtaking for some shots.Looked like Paris in 1946.
    Best wishes

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